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3 Days 2 Nights

Sundarban Hilsa Festival

Starting from ₹3500 /-

General Information About tour

The Sundarban Hilsa festival is planned to take place in this year every year, and you, as a bong soul, are invited to attend. Having a blood type and taste bud that has a unique fish flavor but not visiting it? You've got to be kidding, right? Maacher-raja Illish is adored for its gentle qualities, delectable flavor, and wonderful aftertaste. Especially by bongs, who have made a name for themselves out of it. They're drooling over it and declaring it their first love. In Bengal, illish fish is more than just a food item; it is a way of life.

Package details

Hamilton Buglow, Beckon Bunglow, Gosaba Market, Pakhir Jungle, Sajnekhali Tiger Reserve & Watchtower, Mangrove Interpretaton Center, Crocodile Pond, Turtle Pond, Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower, Pirkhali, Gazikhali, Chora Gazikhali, Bonbibi Bharani, Sarakkhali, Five River Junction, Do - Banki Watch Tower.

Day 1
Breakfast (Packed For Bus Service): Cheese Sandwich, Pastry, Banana, Bhujia, Sweets, Tea & Cookies, Mineral Water
Lunch consists of Basmati Bhat (rice), green salad, Ilisher Tel, Sona mug Dal, Beguni, Ilish Kachur Sak, Hilsa Paturi, Sweet Curd, Chatni, and Papad. (Vegetarian participants will be provided substitute food.)
Evening Snacks: Pakora (Fish/Veg/Paneer), Salad, Tea/Coffee
Dinner: Khichuri, Papad, Omlet, Hilsa Fry, and Sweets (Monsoon Special)

Day 2
Tea and Biscuits in Bed
Luchi, Alu Dam, Sweets, Tea/Coffee for breakfast.
Basmati Rice, Green Salad, Dal, Alu Fry, Ichor Chingri/ Potol Chingri, Sorse Ilish Bhapa, Lau Patal Ilish, Chatni, Papad (Lunch)
Evening Snacks include Vetki Fish Fry and tea/coffee.
Mixed Fried Rice, Chili Chicken, and Chatni for dinner.

3rd day
Alu Parota, Curd, Boiled Egg, Tea/Coffee for Breakfast
Rice, Green Salad, Dal, Hilsa Fry, Doi Ilish, Chatni, and Papad Vaja for lunch.
Night's stay at the AC Hotel--5500/-
Two-night stay at a non-air-conditioned hotel --3500/-
1 Night Hotel Stay + 1 Night Boat stay -- 4,000/-,
2 Night stay at Boat  2,800/-
Other details

1. Passengers' entrance costs, guides' fees, and sight-seeing expenses are all included in the package; however, if camera admission is required, it must be paid individually.

2. The itinerary is subject to change due to unforeseen situations and Forest Department orders.

3. We will not be liable for any loss, injury, or damage to person, property, or other property resulting – directly or indirectly – from any act of GOD or other causes beyond our control in connection with any accommodation, transportation, or other services.

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